Mini projects in C

When I searched “c programming, mini projects” in google there are numerous sites listed up. I spent sometime to review and found this Code with C.

Code with C

If you are at all like me a programming novice then those mini projects are useful to copy.

Repetition, faking and imitating until you become comfortable and familiar with it.

Code with C does not require account registration which made me trust the site.

Whatever subject is you’ll get the hang of it in 2 weeks, further improvement comes after that.

2 weeks sound short period of time and feel long at the same time.

The initial 14-day is inevitable, then why not have fun?

I don’t mean to suggest becoming an expert, more like having a general understanding of programming is not so bad idea.

Knowing its mechanism behind might be a self-protection.

As we won’t be able to live without technology beyond this point.