Summer in Japan, suffering from heatstroke

After rainy season finished, a severe heat has set.

This year is similar to one of very hot years within the last decade.

I remember year 2011 or so, in the morning when I was waiting for a train at the station the temperature outside was 36 degrees, meaning it was same as my body temperature.

Even I had a fan with me and use it to send a wind, that just sending a wind which is as hot as myself.

Unlike cold weather, extreme heat makes humans angry and upset.

I was sweating all over and so close losing my mind.

When the train came and I set my foot inside, it’s like finally I could breathe.

This summer feel like that year. It maybe because we have to wear a mask that’s also impacting.

But even w/o a mask, taking a deep breath while I’m jogging in the early morning, it’s like I’m taking in very hot air in my throat.

Maybe because of the heat, one of my family got heatstroke (熱中症) after sunbathing in the backyard.

(We have a small beach bed in our tiny backyard.)

It was last weekend and since then he has been feeling not well, symptoms are physical fatigue, headache and less appetite.

Since yesterday, he’s been drinking an oral dehydration solution (ORS).

経口補水液 os1

Certified ORS

Besides that, in the fridge there are yogurt, pudding, zenzai (a sweet red bean paste with rice cake), jelly and fruit. As having less appetite, anything cold and sweet maybe only options to keep some calories. Otherwise, physical strength will be lost and that may lead to a hospital visit..

・Alcohol drinks are not water, they’ll be gone and cause hydration, therefore drinking enough water before and after beers is necessary if you love ice cold beers.

・And drink water, water-bathing while being under the sun.

It’s not safe staying outside without a hat or shade and water.

Japanese summary is almost alway humid and hot, yet this year is “Special”, needs “Special” attention for your own safety.