Interpretation and translation prep & during activities.

This post is a simple reminder for myself, and a MoM template.


Check attendees

Check subject

Check who needs ENG/JPN support

Check a preferable way with a host, interpretation(verbal) OR translation(input)

Before and during a meeting:

For external mtg

JPN to ENG input to a chat window

ENG to JPN input to a chat window

For internal mtg

Do interpretation ENG/JPN as needed.

*In case multiple attendees need support, use a mtg chat window function

Whatever industry you are in, what to prepare and what to do during a meeting will be, whether a meeting is with external attendees or for an internal discussion, basically the same. Of course a level of critically differs.

Minutes of meeting

Company name

Project name


• Open issues

a) open issue/summary of the discussion

• New business

a) New business/summary of the discussion


About a future of interpreter and translator,

I do research in interpretation job and translation job regularly, and every time I find many people say language exchanges can be taken over by AI by around 2025.

For some part, I agree. If it’s something needed by system, by organization, as part of procedures then probably at some point those will be replaced by AI. Like, for translation; a form to the custom, a certification to overseas institution, a purchase order to store in overseas. And for interpretation; quick and formal ID confirmation, answer and pass a phone call, welcoming a visitor.

But for dialogue, I hope not.

A real human interaction, it might be handed to AI in future, once,

yet I hope it will comeback to human interpreters for warm and compassionate choice of words.

Maybe a tiny piece of earbud can be installed in the ear and real-time high quality interpretation might become available. There are people working hard to make it happen.

do not have to get over

I’m introvert and get unnecessary extremely nervous when I have to speak about my own opinion, but listen and speak for someone is a whole different story. Interpretation and translation are a mission in life.

It’s just fun.