Tech and vehicle

In 2018, I worked for Nissan for three, four months. I learned terms and acronyms.

Right after I left, CEO was sued and years later the div I was working in has been terminated.

It’s been two months since back in auto industry again.

Every company has its own jargon, every industry has terms, acronyms and jargon of its own.

Now face memorizing company specific words, customer specific words and auto industry specific words.

All look like similar and yet each has very different meaning.

Though w/o knowing I can follow the conversation, and later I’ll have to do my homework.

Wishing in all documentation the words are spelled out in full length. Would not be asking “” explanation..

ABS, ADAS, ECU, those are I think some of general terms. As the technology advanced, more terms are generated.

But please stop calling the exact same function by a different name…. really makes everyone miserable.

I’m working on an entrance exam after I got entered.