Takakeisho won the November basho.

This year’s last tournament was unusual.

Both Yokozuna Hakuho 白鵬 and Kakuryu 鶴竜 were absent due to injury.

No Yokozuna from the beginning of the tournament is the first time since 1983.

Moreover two Ozeki Asanoyama 朝乃山 and Shodai 正代 got injured and had to stop appearing in the midway through the November.

Ozeki Takakeisho 貴景勝, who was the last stronghold standing.

And there was this sekitori Terunofuji 照ノ富士, who came back from the deadly injury and chronic diseases.

Terunofuji got serious injury in his left knee in 2017, and while recovering suffered from diabetic and hepatitis.

Which made him fall into the second lowest ranking division from the highest ranking division.

Makuuchi and jonidan, it is not only about names but there is a world of difference between the two.

Makuuchi rikishi is who has reached to the top,

Jonidan rikishi is a fledging.

Like if you are a makuuchi rikishi you are a trainer, on the other hand if you are in jonidan you are always treated as a trainee.

A trainee must learn, must be taught from anyone who is in a higher position.

He was once Ozeki, second highest position in makuuchi.

He has won the highest ranking championship, too.

How was he able to keep his pride?

It’s easy to understand that many rikishi who has faced fall to makushita, will choose to retire instead of starting all over again from a such low rank. must compare conditions given while being makuuchi to jonidan’s.

But that wasn’t the case for Terunofuji, he returned to the highest ranking this year from jonidan.

He even won the championship in July. It was the second time win since 2017.

That Terunofuji raced with Takakeisho.

Terunofuji defeated Takakeisho on the last day 千秋楽, they had a final playoff on the same day.

Terunofuji looked so energetic and confident, like a very calm fighting bull. Takakeisho literally was beaten.

And contrary to expectation, Takakeisho won the playoff.

It was a bit of surprise and shock, as I had no doubt that Terunofuji will win, because of the heroic air he was putting around him.

After all, here is what Ozeki Takakeisho had to say during the champion victory interview.

This I believe is a note worthy.


Referred to Takakeisho interview—–

No one wants to be absent by injury, it’s just happened.

This time he was fortunate that he was able to appear in the tournament.

After he lost to Terunofuji, he has made his mind instantly and shifted that he is going to be a challenger, to think of the day he has been training every single day to become stronger.

His humble attitude and dedication to sumo made the win possible.

I’d go Ryugoku in January 2021 again. Can’t wait for it.