From WFH to Life with Covid-19

In future, when I am put in a position which requires me go to the office daily, I’ll seriously consider to buy one like this.

Found something fascinating and useful.

宇宙服 by pixabay

The original tweet here

The personal safe space capsule?

Bio VYZR – personal air purifying shield.

Nowadays the speed of an idea from taking its shape, becoming real product and coming onto a market, is accelerating.

A prototype phase can be done in the computer with 3D modeling software.

Then making real stuff which almost equal to a selling product by 3D printing in the office.

Next, go any fundraising to acquire a certain amount of capital which can be applied to PR and mass production,

the amount must be large enough running a business for two to three years.

It’s like sci-fi movie but it’s for real.