Stay at home and eye sight


A decline in vision.

For the past few days it was really hard to see a smartphone screen.

On the web, I searched for a glasses store that is on business in the mid of covid restriction.

There was one in Yokohama.

But, decided not to go, because it’s not urgent.

Instead thought about causes.

SAH could be a reason. For two months without commuting.

When we go out, we shift from near vision to distance vision or vice verse automatically.

probably countless times a day.

Now we don’t have that training opportunity for our eyes.

As is often said about, look up the night sky or look into the far distance would work as eye exercises.

Night sky

Besides, I’ve heard 3D Magical Eye would do that as well.

Found some images on the web.

I prefer being an active than passive. It’s just more fun to me.

This kind.

This one is colorful cheerful.

“Stereogram” in proper name.

How about this one? It moves.

And this!

Only 5 minutes looking at those would reduce eye strain.

-First, unfocus.

-Once unfocused, keep that unfocused state.

-Swipe the art one offer another.

I felt much better now.

Hope this can be of help to you, too.