New norms. Meal prep ideas. Roast pork!

From now on, we’ll be staying at home working remotely for at least one more month, and could be longer.

These days, ordering in means are more and more become available, but we’ll get a little bit bored after a while.

Eating out or ordering a meal should be an occasional event, to make it so I’ll cook as much as I am able to do.

(The featured pic I borrowed from pixabay. I have not cooked it yet.)

I got a chunk of pork. 👍 Let’s cook roast pork.

Firstly, marinate for a day or two.



Ketchup x 4 tbs

Worcester sauce x 2 tsp

Tubed garlic x 5mm

Tubed ginger x 3cm

A quite simple sauce, and stab pork with fork. All over.


It’ll help make it more tender.

Crazy salt is very useful

And apply crazy salt.

And put it into a sauce plastic bag.


Place it in the fridge a day or two.

Marinate and age are helpful ways to reduce meal prep.

It often improves a taste as well.

I’ll grill it later👋.