Why me, why now.

Upend, new workplace norms, with corona, after coronaーall are new vocabularies and i should appreciate to learn a new thing regardless of what derived those words.

When a trouble comes into a life, the first reaction would be “why me?” and “why now?”.

For example, we had earthquake early warnings day before yesterday and last night.

I prayed it won’t be a big one. Fortunately those were intensity 2 or so.

Anyway, at first I thought “not now please”. maybe because it was at 1:00 a.m. and I was too sleepy.

After a while, I realized how fortunate we were, being under the same roof and no confusion or concern to look for my family, check they were okay at once.

I would not be able to feel or think that appreciation at first, I need more training to be like that.

As immature me react with resistance and negativity. But I’m trying to catch every chance to test myself.

I and people around me will be relaxed and happier if I can mitigate that negative reaction and find appreciation quickly.

First meeting with Chobi