COVID-19 induced WFH

True acceptance of work from home, and way of working reform.

Lunar New Year 2020 was January 25, and I remember this, because three developers I’m working with went on New Year holidays at the last week of January.

They are Vietnamese.

At first, COVID-19 was only within Wuhan.

What we heard in news reports were mostly “less visitors of Chinese New Year’s Holiday this year, due to the novel coronavirus.”

All of the news sounded caring more about economic impact back then, and it has gradually changed to health related concerns.

Only two months later, it has inarguably become the global COVID-19 crisis.

Now people are required to stay at home, and work from home.

Talking about WFH,

while I was in IT company, wfh has become the norm or at least one of options when it comes to “way of working”.

It was out of necessity right after 3.11.

The company made a shift to secure productivity with what they had, therefore engineers and administrators, we were equally required to work from anywhere through VPN.

A chair would be great but not necessary.

After I left the IT company, I went through several offices and found out that jobs these days have changed by ICT.

A regular job – sitting in an office or a meeting room staring into a computer screen all day long, it can be done from home.

・Hard copy became PDF file

・Meeting room schedule conflict solved by Zoom or Meets

・Land phone can be transferred to mobile

・Face to face conversation through the camera installed to corporate laptop

When office workers stop commuting, there is less traffic and trains become spacious.

People who really need to commute, who support the basis of our livelihoods ; doctors, nurses, caregivers, shop clerks, cooks will be relaxed while commute.

In a backward way, the companies require their employees to commute to the office just because they have office space to fill in.

Not sure why companies are so reluctant to push forward with wfh, instead they prefer paying land and property fees and travel expenses.

They have a decision right to eliminate all of legitimate expenses, at the same time they can help to free up everyone’s time and make the life better.

COVID-19 has not finished yet, it’s ongoing, for that reason human activities are now adjusted and maintained with what we have in a positive manner.

With this occasion I hope wfh is acknowledged and penetrated, become the alternative that everyone should have.