Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.

It’s one of my favorite books.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.

Written by Richard Carlson.

Reading this book almost every morning while in a 🛀 for three years.

And I was thinking if the thing that is bothering me now a small stuff or a big stuff.

Here is a story.

I got a second contract to shore up my finances for a month or so.

on Monday and Wednesday, I went to the new office and found out:

・They have a weekly office cleaning contract.

・A restroom is within the office space. (The office looks more like a small one-room apartment.)

・An independent men’s restroom and women’s restroom, it’s legally prescribed.

・Restrooms are faced each other across shared use hand-washing space. The restroom entrance door is also shared use.

・No paper towels nor hand dryer installed, but soap and alcohol hand rub.

・No sanitary box or bag installed.

・Another lady, a full-time employee who joined in early March, she told me how shocked by the situation, but couldn’t open discussion because she was the only female until I join.

・Out the plastic bottles by themselves on every Wednesday.


To me it was the norm to see cleaning staff in the office everyday.

I have never cleaned the workplace by myself, never been asked to do so.

And I always appreciated to those who keep the workplace clean and control hygiene for all workers.

By the way, I’d say that cleaning duty is one of things should be handled by the robot to avoid diseases and/or harmful effects of the virus near future.

Anyway, on Wednesday after lunch break I spoke to the person in charge asking to increase the frequency of the cleaning, preferably a daily.

Stressed that it is not okay to leave trash and all other stuff for a whole week within workplace (visible to visitors), and asked his opinion about the hygiene control.

at a loss of what to do? I’m sorry.

I may lose my job.. So what?

Seen in this sight, workplace safety is not a small stuff to me.

They will probably face a similar situation as they are going to increase the number of workers. They are in the middle of recruitment process.

When you see Japanese public bathroom at the train station, airport, even in the park, it’s clean and under someone’s control.

It is cleaned up daily, maybe several times a day.

Out of curiosity, I googled who should take care of cleanup at the workplace, and found the following article which gave me some comfort.

I threw away plastic bottles on Wednesday for them.

hope that would be the last time, hope they would arrange daily cleanup service soon. Or I have to throw the litters away for them again.

Or terminate the contract before it gets complicated.

As a housewife I have enough house work, have no room for the extra.